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Emily Hamper

photo: Ann Baggley
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Emily Hamper

Head Coach and

Associate Chorus Master at

Calgary Opera



Music Staff

Opera Theater of St. Louis 2024

For private coachings, please use the contact form on this website.

Online coachings are possible for singers outside the Calgary area.


"Hamper provided Addis with sympathetic and pointed accompaniment to accentuate and complement his performance…..at her best in illuminating the many moods and tone pictures of the cycle, from the chill of the ice and the air to the depiction of elation and hopelessness contained in the texts Argento chose for his piece.”
- The Globe and Mail, February 20 2016


"The extremely difficult piano part was perfectly realized by his compatriot Emily Hamper, a very authoritative accompanist throughout the concert."

"La partie de piano extrêmement difficile était parfaitement réalisée par sa compatriote Emily Hamper, très efficace accompagnatrice de tout ce concert." 
-Concertonet, Paris, Jan 2014

"Hamper's phenomenal piano skills were fully on display during Songs of Travel…as she supported Addis' both strong and powerful, then emotionally stirring performance."
-Annapolis County Spectator, July 19 2009

"Emily Hamper…provided the most authentic addition to the orchestra for the production of Figaro.  Her perfect timing and touch illuminated every moment of every scene, as if to punctuate each measure with distinction."
-Montpelier Horizons, June 25 2009

"together they spun a spell-binding mini-drama with Robert Schumann's Dichterliebe…Addis and Hamper linked the highs and lows, the joy and loss…with keen sensitivity and unity."
-Brisbane Courier-Mail, July 21 2005

“Emily Hamper was a supportive accompanist, sensitive... and evidently at home in the operatic items.”
- Calgary Herald, May 7, 2005


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